Solve problems involving the use of percentages, including percentage increases and decreases, with and without digital technologies

1. Bridging the gap: Calculate a percentage of a measurement
2. Tax Assessing: Determine who has more money left after tax
3. Frankly financial: Determine which price is better value
4. Carving up the blue: Calculate percentage discount
5. Ring appeal: Calculate a percentage discount
6. Fine leathers make fine birds: Calculate percentage discount
7. Purchasing a pedigree: Calculate a total from a percentage
8. Building on a percentage basis: Calculate a total from a percentage
9. Pupil Pie 3 - calculate value from new data & pie graph
10. Pupil Pie 2 - calculate value from pie graph
11. Down At The Deli - calculate percentage
12. Detective Duck: Write one quantity as a percentage of another
13. Detective Duck: Calculate a percentage increase
14. Detective Duck: Calculate quantities from percentages
15. Detective Duck: Calculate numbers from percentages
16. Detective Duck: Write one number as a percentage of another