Use rates to compare quantities measured in different units

1. Having a spell: Compare marks on a percentage basis
2. Cordial relations: Identify the stronger cordial mixture
3. Working class: Identify higher of two proportions
4. Working class: Identify lower of two proportions
5. Viewer votes: Lowest proportion of viewers
6. Scraps and Sprays: relative proportions
7. Air force: Determine relative proportions
8. Rating cats and dogs: Identify higher proportion
9. Under the umbrella: Click the lower proportion
10. Weekend Work: Click the lower of two proportions
11. People preferences: Click the higher proportion
12. Stacking the books: Click the higher proportion
13. Sitting on the fence: Click the lower proportion
14. Be a sport!: Determine which is the larger proportion
15. Drop to the shop: Determine which is the larger proportion
16. A fishy tale: Determine which is the larger proportion
17. Apples Aweigh! - size from number per case